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sheprd 30 Nov 2021 09:27 AM

Archive Question
I put some items in Archive and now am having a bit of a finding the Archive Folder.
Would someone help me a bit? I might mention i am getting active with my gmail acct

chrisretusn 30 Nov 2021 03:18 PM

Hmm, you not alone. I cannot find it either. It does appear that Archived message appear in the All Mail folder. It's not obvious at first glance. You have to hover over a message with your cursor and look at the folder looking icon to the right, if not archived the folder is darker than a message that is archived.

Wow, I do not like this at all. Apparently you cannot even filter for archived messages.

I checked in Settings under Labels too, there is no Archive folder listed.

sheprd 30 Nov 2021 10:52 PM

Thanks chrisietusretusn i don't feel so bad now

sheprd 30 Nov 2021 11:02 PM

I did find the message in All Mail that i had put in Archive Thanks again

chrisretusn 1 Dec 2021 09:33 PM

You are welcome.

CyberSmurf 2 Dec 2021 07:10 PM

When you select "Archive" in GMail what it does is remove the message from the Inbox.

To find an orphaned email you can use the search filter ...

has:nouserlabels -in:inbox -in:sent

CyberSmurf 2 Dec 2021 07:50 PM

re GMail search, I have had no luck with "Messages with a certain message-id header" trying to find text in the "Received:" headers.

sheprd 3 Dec 2021 12:10 AM

Thanks CyberSmurf for your input I don't use use Archive much anyway

chrisretusn 3 Dec 2021 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by CyberSmurf (Post 623788)
When you select "Archive" in GMail what it does is remove the message from the Inbox.

To find an orphaned email you can use the search filter ...

Thanks; works. I don't use the web mail much (that is quite an understatement). I have been playing around with it a bit now. It looks like all off my All Mail messages are "nouserlabels" and those are from sent emails from my email client. In my POP3 setting I have "delete Gmail's copy" set. For the last couple days I set it to archive Gmail's copy", so now All Mail includes those messages that were POP'd.

I also put labels on a few messages and noted the the label is displayed in All Mail. It also looks like messages that in in Categories do not show with a label. I tossed a few in there too. :)

CyberSmurf 5 Dec 2021 03:59 PM

Telus recently migrated to GMail. ("powered by Google")

I had previously had mostly been using POP & Eudora. I had everything sorted in different folders in Eudora. On the server, most mail was either left in my inbox or deleted. With Eudora POP it was easy to choose to delete a message off the server, and you could see if the message was still in the inbox on the server.
I had a lot of aliases with my Telus accounts, and the Eudora filters worked very well on the hidden headers.
After migration I was using IMAP (Outlook & OE) and webmail (GMail). I had to refile everything with GMail labels.

I found it necessary to turn off the Conversation view when applying labels to my old email. Some dating back to 2008.

The "deliveredto:" works fairly well with email received after migration.
I had to get more industrious sorting email from before migration. (As I mentioned, I didn't have any luck with "Received:".)

harperjack745 10 Dec 2021 05:55 PM

Hi, I am new member here

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