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xbot 23 Dec 2004 05:01 AM

How many eMail addresses do you have?
How many do you have?

I've got 26-30. 15 I use.

Killer 23 Dec 2004 09:32 AM

Camille 23 Dec 2004 11:29 AM

I'm now using around 12 email addresses actively but I have more than 15 that I've signed up with.

iceshake 23 Dec 2004 01:27 PM

I use 5 regualry..the rest i think got terminated..

CyberSmurf 23 Dec 2004 03:22 PM

Is that addresses or accounts?

I've got 1 account with over 100 aliases.

trew 23 Dec 2004 03:26 PM

I have many and use few. Hmm
I guess the correct answer would be I ahve too many to rember and too many to admit out of embarrassment and only actually use very few.

I guess I counted in the other thread but don't remember.

In actual use maybe 5 or ten depending how you set criteria for in actual usage.

I have 5 ISP accounts and use three of them now.

I use gmail and yahoo and have been using others like Hotpop but are trying to end my hotpop. I don' like their policy of deleting emails over 30 days.

I am going to our biggest town on holiday/vacation summer trip 2005 and will be there for as logn I managed to pay. So what fi I have no way of logging in. They delet them two month b4 I ahve a chabce fo reading them. So I will end my relation with them.

So maybe 5 is a realistic figure out of some 30 or 50 signed up usernames or differeing services the gone by now. suredid most likely. emailacc even fails?


suzi 23 Dec 2004 09:05 PM

At last count I have about 9... Which is good for me. I *used* to have over 50... :o

At the moment I have Runbox, Fastmail, Hotmail, Yahoo UK, Lycos UK, Kaxy, 2 Netscape and my ISP account. I didn't include 2 pop only accounts in my list though. :)

digp 26 Dec 2004 05:00 AM

what do you need so many for?

xbot 26 Dec 2004 05:10 AM


Originally posted by digp
what do you need so many for?
In case you don't feel like writing one down.

For example, if someone wants you to give them your eMail address, and afterword you have to do something undesirable (work for example) you want to write down the longest possible address. But if you're signing a form to go to Disney World, you're probably going to write down the shortest address:D

Also there's the spam thing. I use several aliases through my own service, and most of them redirect to one address with forwards it to another and about 4 forwards later it arrives at my account. This hides my address very well ;).

I could have, but then if I don't trust a site I could send it to and that one redirects to my gmail account which redirects to, and I'll catch it along the way, so I know what's coming. I have been looking for a service that will forward an eMail sometime like the next day, so if I don't want it in my inbox, I can delete it. I know there's a name for all this ingenious forwarding system, but I can't remember.

rmns2bseen 28 Dec 2004 12:16 PM

far more than I need :p but if there's an email site I haven't heard of I can't resist opening an account I guess

Bamb0 13 Jan 2018 10:24 AM

I have 2 I use regurally but one of them ( is basically useless as almost nothing I send out reaches the destination server.... I dunno if they blocked my acct or its the servers rejecting safe-mails packets........

I emailed the support address of safe-mail but they of course ignore ya :( (If your not paying them $$$$$$ I guess they dont care)

Tsunami 25 Jan 2018 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by Bamb0 (Post 605088)
I have 2 I use regurally but one of them ( is basically useless as almost nothing I send out reaches the destination server.... I dunno if they blocked my acct or its the servers rejecting safe-mails packets........

I emailed the support address of safe-mail but they of course ignore ya :( (If your not paying them $$$$$$ I guess they dont care)

I actually reached the Safe Mail helpdesk quite easily when I needed it... per telephone. I was answered immediately and in decent English.

I realise calling Israel can be expensive, I did it from one of those call shops orientated at making cheap international calls. Hence it only cost me a couple of €.

On-topic : currently got 7 email addresses. May open an additional one but there it's probably going to be enough. Following up on all of them takes time :)

chrisretusn 25 Jan 2018 03:48 PM

16-20 accounts. I check all of them daily.

Dutchie007 26 Jan 2018 05:17 AM

I have about 68 email addresses.......with about 35 different companies. Many of them are dormant...and only 9 i check on a daily basis.(Yandex,,Gmail, and outlook)
Some of these are pretty old (AOL and Yahoo) and I want to keep those alive just because out of nostalgia reasons. Nowadays I would never use AOL or Yahoo on a daily basis or for important mail. I had more...but some email accounts got deleted or the (free) providers just vanished.

You can say...I collect email addresses...LOL

I am still looking for a nice short email with the .DD TLD...(former East-Germany/DDR)but I guess it isnt possible.

I still ham the proud owner of a .su email adress from nextmail from Russia...and it still works very well.(which is now being hosted by Yandex).


JeremyNicoll 3 Feb 2018 10:05 PM

I currently have just under 900 defined email addresses. I hand out separate ones to every company and personal contact I have. It means that when - inevitably - an address gets compromised I only have to change the address that that person/company uses for me and block any dross that comes addressed to the old address.

There are regex-detectable patterns in the form of the addresses I use, so filtering sets of related addresses is easy.

Truly 'throwaway'/one-off addresses include the date they were first used on, so replies coming in more than a couple of weeks after that date are automatically suspicious.

Although I do quite often open spam emails (in plain text form) to see what's in them, one of the biggest protections against phishing mails etc is that I know for certain that an email purporting to come from a specific company is fake, if it doesn't come to the right sort of email address. If it does come to the right sort, or even the right specific address, I still treat it with caution, but I may at least look at it (in plain text) before discarding it.

The scheme has disadvantages. When someone asks "what's your email address", I have to explain I hand out individual ones ... and I'll be in touch. But that's not a hardship - if they're a company/person I really want to be in contact with I/they can wait. It's also a nuisance when eg I have emails going to a set of people - say an accountant, lawyer, and family members all of whom already have separate addresses for me.

These multiple addresses are with - currently - two mail hosts, and three domains. Many of the addresses are what some companies call aliases. On the other hand two of the domains also have subdomains and some of the filtering is on the servers. There's only four mailboxes that I actually check every day but some of those have many different addresses' mail routed to them.

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