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mmerlinn 5 Aug 2017 01:47 PM
OMB has been offline for several days now. A bit ago I decide to see if they are back online. They are with a new ugly useless interface.

I tried logging into my account. No dice.

I tried sending an email to Support. Would not send.

I could not find any help anywhere on site.

Anyone else having problems? Any ideas about what I can do?

I even tried making a new account, but that did not work either.

FWIW, the pages are downright USELESS. Example is the support page. No visible boxes and no labels whatsoever. Clicking around the page does find 4 boxes, but except for the big box, I have no idea what goes in which box. Guessing does not work either as there are NO error messages telling me that I put the wrong thing in the wrong box.

Finally, does anyone from OMB monitor this forum where we can get direct help?

FredOnline 5 Aug 2017 01:59 PM

Suggest you check out their Twitter account:

mmerlinn 5 Aug 2017 03:10 PM


Looked there. Saw nothing that would help.

FredOnline 5 Aug 2017 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by mmerlinn (Post 603441)
Looked there. Saw nothing that would help.

I looked there, and saw a LOT of comments on the recent problems.

When (if) it gets up and running again, you're more likely to hear about it on their Twitter account than here on the forum.

nesfla 10 Aug 2017 08:01 AM

It is a complete mess. They can't even keep its promise of giving one month premium account for sync your mails with Thunderbird or other email client. It worked only one day. Clearly they are trying to kick the old users out in a very strange marketing way.
I finally decide to move to a pay for service provider but have chosen Posteo instead.

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