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Tsunami 22 Jul 2018 05:38 AM

Free webhosts comparison in Wiki flawed?
Wikipedia has a comparison of free webhosting services.

It seems to me that there are some mistakes in there, however it could also be that the actual services changed since I last checked. Maybe someone here is using any of these and can clarify?

* and : file storage is set to 500 MB, as far as I'm aware this was unlimited?
Not sure about Webnode, I checked their website but couldn't find whether they offer unlimited storage or not.
(as long as embedding images is possible, one can display as many pics as he wants without using the allowed storage space)

* : as far as I'm aware doesn't allow to download a backup locally. In the Wiki page it says it does. and allow downloading a backup of your website. Not sure about Webnode, site is unclear about that.

* : AFAIK they don't offer 40+ MB nor backup service.

I realise that for good hosting, most people will pay. For side projects or temporary websites, free hosting can be interesting. Also, I've seen sites with Wix and Weebly that were graphically as good as the average "professionally made" website.

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