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Jacinto 8 Mar 2018 10:21 PM

Non-Delivery (Bounced) Notifications delivered to Spam Box
Good day.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, FastMail's SpamAssassin filters always send Non-Delivery (Bounced) Notifications to the Spam box.

For years now, every time this happens, I "train" SpamAssassin by moving the NDN from the Spam box to the "Ham" classification box. This doesn't seem to make a difference since the NDNs still end-up in the Spam box.

Even if I could, I wouldn't whitelist "<>", but other than that, I can't think of how to stop the incorrect classification.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


lane 11 Mar 2018 11:43 PM

Are the messages which are being bounced: (a) sent by you, and (b) sent using Fastmail's servers? Or are you using another company's servers on the outgoing messages? Fastmail knows which messages it sent on your behalf, and if it gets a bounce on a message it did not send itself, it will normally put it in spam.

There is a setting under Advanced spam settings to tell Fastmail the other servers you might use to send your email, for example if gmail sends on your behalf.

Jacinto 12 Mar 2018 12:19 AM

Good day and thank you, Lane. I believe you hit it on the head.

I had forgotten all about that advanced setting.

I use my own two servers with proper forward and reverse DNS RR (and clean reputations) that are included on my domains SPF TXT RR.

When I looked at the SMTP servers settings, the server listed was an old one that I haven't used for years. I have now added the current SMTP servers. Hopefully, NDNs will now be delivered to the INBOX.

By the way, I noticed that the SMTP servers setting asks for the "name" of the server, rather than the IP address of the server. I wonder if FM wants to make sure that the server has (at least) forward DNS RR. Or, perhaps, FM's engineers realize that a server's name could have more than one IP address (and want to cover all the bases).


Jacinto 12 Mar 2018 12:38 AM

SOLVED (thanks to Lane)
Sent a test message to a bad address at one of my domains not hosted by FastMail. This time, the NDN landed in the INBOX.

Thank you, again, lane.


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