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Deano 8 Jan 2018 04:54 AM

To, Cc, Bcc Fields Facts
In case you thought otherwise, the people who receive Bcc messages will be able to see the addresses of the people in the To and Cc fields which, to my way of thinking , makes the Bcc field useless. And if your mail client is set to "Reply All" the resulting reply will have the email addresses in the To and Cc fields as recipients for the reply.

If you don't want your recipients to see each other's addresses, put yourself in the To field and everyone else in the Bcc field. This way anyone replying will only be replying to your address.

BritTim 8 Jan 2018 06:29 AM

The differences between To, Cc and Bcc date back to regular paper correspondence, mimicking the way they always worked. The use of Bcc is to hide your receipt of the email from other recipients, not to hide other recipients from you. This is the way it works with all email services. If you want some recipients to be able to see the other recipients, while other recipients see only the sender, you need to send multiple emails, using only bcc recipients for the email hiding others receiving the email.

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