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je21 29 Sep 2018 03:52 PM

New File Hosting Site, Allows upto 10GB upload!
New File Hosting Site, Allows upto 10GB upload!

Upload, share and manage your files for free.

As Per DMCA/EUCD, files will only be taken down,

if owner of the files provides that the material is actually copyright protected or trademark infringement.

If no legal documents are provided, such files will not be removed as per DMCA/EUCD.

All file extensions, PDF's, .exe, all are allowed to be uploaded.

Share videos & Movies as well!:)

Bamb0 30 Sep 2018 09:12 AM

Wow 10,000 meg files can be uploaded??

I hope no one ever does..... The space on thier disk will run out fast!!

n5bb 1 Oct 2018 08:44 AM

Many cloud services support single files larger than 10 GB. For instance, I have a Microsoft Office 365 account which supports OneDrive 1 TB file storage for 5 users. Thatís 5 TB (which is 5,000 GB or 5,000,000 MB) total. OneDrive supports files as large as 15 GB each.

Of course, there isnít one disk drive. Read about cloud storage services here:

It appears to me that FileCupid is a small service for those wishing to share files with others. It is supported by advertising revenue. All files you upload are potentially visible to anyone and so this is not for storage of any private information. This service is only for personal use (business use is strictly prohibited). For free accounts uploaded files will disappear after a time interval. Their FAQ specifies 7 day storage after the ďlast downloadĒ for unregistered free accounts and 30 days for registered free accounts. Iím not sure how to interpret those rules, but they might mean that if your file hasnít been downloaded by anyone for an interval of 7 days (30 days for registered free accounts) the file will be automatically deleted. See the FAQ here:

When you upload a file you are given a link which you must save so you can access the uploaded file later. When you use this URL to download a file, the free service requires you to wait 30 seconds to access that file.

You should read the Terms Of Service before using the service:

FileCupid seems to be using CloudFlare server services. CloudFlare is a known reputable provider. Since the domain name is only 6 weeks old, the domain name is only registered for one year, and the ownership of the service is not clear, FileCupid has a poor reputation at this time. I canít find their ownership (or even what country FileCupid operates in) from their website, and their domain name ownership is hidden. So could be run by a government or a scammer. There is no physical address, email address, phone number, country, or other information available about the owners. All you can see is that CloudFlare hosts their nameservers (and I think their complete service). Itís possible that this is a honey pot set up to find people who are illegally sharing copyrighted media or licensed software with others.


Bamb0 1 Oct 2018 10:51 AM

Yea its all quite fascinating Bill :)

mister 2 Oct 2018 01:21 AM

Isn't this sometimes known as spam?

Berenburger 2 Oct 2018 05:20 AM


Originally Posted by mister (Post 607896)
Isn't this sometimes known as spam?

I was thinking the same. It smells like advertising.

Bamb0 2 Oct 2018 06:38 AM

Yea I suppose it could be but seeing as the service is FREE I didnt see it as such.....

n5bb 2 Oct 2018 09:16 AM

The link was to their main site, not a rewards link. Otherwise I would have reported it. It does work for free use, by the way. I tried uploading a simple image and the link was usable in another browser session.

I just thought it was useful to consider that all cloud storage sites are not equivalent. Some are by known companies with which we can have some degree of trust, while others are from completely unknown organizations. Some allow private storage (and are mainly used for this feature), while others are focused on file sharing with others. Some have no advertising, while the filecupid side attempted to download somebody's VPN to my PC when I clicked on a screen features. Be careful before assuming that file storage sites with new URL's and no ownership information are safe.


EricG 2 Oct 2018 02:07 PM

I can upload one of those fancy dual-layer DVDs!
Can't upload an archive of my photos or music though.

Bamb0 6 Oct 2018 11:50 AM

Now that would take up mucho space!!!

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