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janusz 16 May 2019 02:58 AM

Eumx Horde down, 15 May
Seems the Horde interface is down as of now, 17:50 GMT, 15 May

A fatal error has occurred
Cannot write to cache directory /tmp
IMAP and Roundcube are ok.

janusz 16 May 2019 04:50 PM

Still down
14 hours later (7:50 GMT, 16 May): no change, still down.

rmannam 16 May 2019 05:12 PM

I am also having trouble with Horde but ALWM, GO, RC are working fine.

Janusz! why are you so keen on Horde, you may use any one of the other ones.

janusz 16 May 2019 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by rmannam (Post 610156)
Janusz! why are you so keen on Horde, you may use any one of the other ones.

I know perfectly well there are other interfaces, which work.

But, apart from common mailboxes, each interface has its own contact, identities &c. So the Horde ones are invisible say in roundcube. Besides, horde offers webdisk which I use.

My main gripe is the fact that one of the officially supported interfaces has been down for some 20 hours now, and there is zero information from the support. And yes, I did email them.
That's hardly professional, to put it politely.

communicant 18 May 2019 10:24 PM

Horde is still down. Has anyone been in touch with Fabule? In the past when there has been an outage or problem he often posts here. I wonder why support has been silent?

janusz 18 May 2019 10:37 PM

Emailed support, sent PM to Fabule. No response.

germansaram 29 May 2019 03:56 AM

Is it still down?:confused:

janusz 29 May 2019 05:21 AM

No, it's up.

communicant 29 May 2019 06:56 PM

Eumx Horde is now back up.

janusz 29 May 2019 07:01 PM

For the record: it's been up since 18 or 19 May.

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