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Terry 9 May 2018 08:49 AM

Why are duplicate emails being deleted
Why are my supposedly duplicate emails being deleted.

If I purchase two different items from feabay from 2 different companies I get the first conformation from PayPal for the payment but dont get the second one, its like F/m block it.
Also my local gun club sends me 2 different emails almost at the same time to 2 different F/m email addresses but I only receive one email and some emails contain different info.

The box is un-ticked in my in box to suppress duplicates....:D

JamesHenderson 22 May 2018 08:18 PM

did you ever get an answer to this?

Terry 23 May 2018 05:27 PM

No I did not contact F/m as it was only a couple of E-bay emails confirming a purchase, but I suppose E-bay could have had a problem.

I thought someone on the forum may have had an idea as I thought perhaps a had an incorrect box ticked but I dont think I have.

JamesHenderson 23 May 2018 06:19 PM

The sending of duplicates maybe down to EBay, but the removal cannot be (surely?)

...unless it was a UI error and there never was s duplicate? ...I am assuming only the 2nd duplicate email disappeared, not both of them.

Terry 24 May 2018 06:22 PM

I purchased 2 different items quickly from 2 different sellers, I got the conformation email for the first one but nothing for the second.
Unfortunately this has happened before, in future I will allow 5 minutes in between purchases.

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