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10 Aug 2003 11:04 AM

Some more email companies!
I don't want to clop up the message board with too many individual posts - but here are some more email companies; - offering pop3 email, forwarding, aliases, auto-responders and virtual email domains. - offering secure email built on open software foundations. - offering email with your first name - eg.,

I will edit the list if I find anymore email companies.

10 Aug 2003 11:18 AM

Some more email companies - offers email and forwarding as well as website forwarding. - offering free email and forwarding - offers a paid forwarding solution - offers email at a variety of different domains.


robert@fm 11 Aug 2003 03:24 AM

You're really on a roll, aren't you? :D :cool:

Fenman 11 Aug 2003 03:32 AM

For information, 'firstname' and 'callsign' are not currently accepting new members.

mike1977 11 Aug 2003 07:00 AM


Originally posted by Fenman
For information, 'firstname' and 'callsign' are not currently accepting new members.
'Firstname' hasn't accepted new members in a long time. One could try registering with a .us I guess.

11 Aug 2003 01:18 PM

Re: Wow!

Originally posted by robert@fm
You're really on a roll, aren't you? :D :cool:
Well I think its about time we had an influx of new email providers to try out :)


jlnt 11 Aug 2003 01:48 PM

Well, atleast we know the market isn't dying. :-D

Edwin 11 Aug 2003 02:31 PM

By the way, quite a lot of the ones still accepting signups are listed on the main site :)

CyberSmurf 12 Aug 2003 03:11 AM


Originally posted by Edwin
By the way, quite a lot of the ones still accepting signups are listed on the main site :)
Does anyone here have an account with "HowlerMonkey". I tried signing up once, but I never received my registered letter.

. . . .

Stormcrow, are you posting services that you have actually have accounts with?

12 Aug 2003 10:14 AM


Originally posted by CyberSmurf

Stormcrow, are you posting services that you have actually have accounts with?

The way I figure it is, if I bring the services to the forum, people can try them out. Who knows maybe theres another fastmail/runbox out there just waiting to be discovered!


Edit: Combined two threads together, so all mail companies are in the same thread.

12 Aug 2003 12:11 PM

Some more email companies; - Uk based free email/internet. Unlimited 10MB anti-virus and spam protected POP3 and Webmail mailboxes plus a 50MB website are available for all dialup users. - This is the other half of lycos (terra-lycos) it offers email in quite a few spanish/south american countries. The US version is in Spanish so I can't tell you the exact details of the company. Maybe someone who speaks spanish can tell us more. - Offers IMAP/POP3 free email, 15 MB free space and more. Site in CZ, EN and SK. -
10 Megs Storage
NO MORE Banners or Popups
Write HTML emails using Rich Text
Integrated on-line Calendar
Full featured Spell Checker
Spam Filters
Virus protection
WAP / IMAP / POP - free email from Iceland.


12 Aug 2003 12:26 PM

Here are a few further email providers; - Hooting owl mail offers free email, looks to be web based. - Winebuff email offers email for people who love wine. Australian based it offers accomodation deals, forums etc in addition to its mail services - Offers quite a few different domains to choose from. - Webdesigners email. Web designing interactive community. Looks to be australian based. email - I have heard of this company before, but not for quite a while. Looks to be provided by a UK telecommunications company, so I guess it mainly for UK customers. Offers email which was voted #1 by Information Magazine. I can't find much information about this provider however. It says its solar and wind powered. Australian email, looks to be powered by - so I guess only standard features. The domain name would appeal to an Australian user. - Offers email, voicemail, fax all in the one account - Offers;
10MB Disk Space
Super Fast Online Webmail
Spam / Virus Protection
Blacklists / Whitelists
Online Web Calendar - A tool for checking existing pop3 email accounts - The opposite of A for fee email company which offers;
filters for blocking spam
filters for sorting messages
name and address book
to do list
spell checker
auto-reply messages
external mail access
access via cell phones or pdas - Accessible from anywhere, using just a web browser.
Has zero advertising. No pop-ups, no banner ads.
Designed with digital photography in mind.
Is full-featured and very easy to use.
50 Megabytes of storage the most in the industry.
Totally private. We will never give information about you to a 3rd party. - offers free/paid email. Address Book, Calender, File Storage, SiteBuilder, Forums, Ecards etc.


12 Aug 2003 01:04 PM - Email from Ireland. - Some features we offer: Online Diary, Message Boards, Reminder Service...
Get 15mb of free disk space to use for transfering files! - Looks to be mainly geared towards companies planning to offer email, rather then the individual.


JeffK 12 Aug 2003 01:38 PM's page keeps on timing out on me. For Australian readers the domain offers email (so you could be

I actually tried to register the domain in July 2002 when the new namespace was released. I failed because the domain must bare some relationship to your personal name. I suppose it was only a matter of time before a Webster would be sold the domain. I'm actually a little annoyed about this and reckon that generic names like web, internet, mail etc should be reserved.


12 Aug 2003 01:41 PM


Originally posted by JeffK's page keeps on timing out on me.


I had noticed that as well. I thought it may have been my internet connection. I can get to the main page, but not the signup link. Anyway I thought the service was worth a mention cause it does offer heaps of domain names, mostly australian sports team related.


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