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My E-mail Experience

Hi there community. I thought about posting about my personal experience with some of the e-mail providers I've tried out in the past years. Let's begin:

GMail - I've been using it for years, but for apparent reasons regarding privacy, I've decided to start paying a subscription at Lavabit. As for the user experience, it was great, and I really liked the webmail inovations they were pulling off.

Lavabit - Been using them for a year and a half - I was satisfied with using them with Thunderbird, it worked nicely, but seems someone hijacked my address once or two times (not the account, but a dummy address), and i had 500+ bounce emails coming to my inbox, about which the support crew couldn't do anything about. They basically told me to wait it out, and I couldn't access my mail for a couple of days. And then they went kaput.

EuMX - Very reliable service, though to set it up you have to be a bit on a technical side. Once set up, it runs like a charm (I've been using Horde Groupware). Used it with my own domain. Support answers your mails with more than enough knowledge, but sometimes it can take quite some time for them to get back. the - is that because lack of a proper website and pr really makes it feel unprofessional, unstable and amateurish, though the service itself is far far from it.

MyOpera - Best webmail I've used to date. Cancelling it made me want to switch to Fastmail. Blazing fast, beautiful, easy to use.

Fastmail - Used only trial account, great interface, but it's on the expensive side for me. I really think they should offer a 5 or 10GB account for a couple of dollars less.

Runbox - Quite expensive, great privacy laws (Norway), clunky and super-buggy webmail, but best support out there, hands down. You get a response within minutes. - used only trial account, but i was put off by the mailxchange webmail in the beginning. - Great implementation of Roundcube with great additional (also security) features. Great support, really socially and ethically aware company. You can't use your own domain though.

Zoho - great in the beginning, but then the amount of spam, and wrong classifying of what spam is and isn't, really made it a deal-breaker down the line. But in return, you don't have to spend a single $.

Now, for a permanent address, and regarding my experience, I'm pretty much torn between Posteo and Eumx. With Eumx, i'd use my own domain, which would make it OK even if eumx ceases to exist somewhere down the road (god forbid). The new Afterlogic webmail looks and feels quite nice, and it's blazing fast. And for Posteo, well, great PR and marketing + handholding also does the trick, and it's also very affordable.

Your thoughts? It should be in Europe (privacy + proximity), and as stable as it gets.

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