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Originally Posted by rmannam View Post
Is ContactOffice owned by you?
Yes, 'mailfence' has been developed by 'contactoffice' team.
If so, how it is different from MailFence?
Mailfence is solely dedicated to "email privacy and security" and was born as a result of Snowden Revelations with a belief of "Privacy is a right, not a feature". Following are other precise distinctions.
  • No American Company in the SSL/TLS chain (no that easy to find) | Qualys SSL labs - A+.
  • Provides "True" end-to-end encryption - E2EE (all the crypto-processes occurs on the client side) | OpenPGP based (RFC 4880 > openPGPjs): Fairly audited.
  • Digital Signatures (OpenPGP & S/MIME).
  • Integrated Key-Store for managing (import, export, modify, revoke, delete...) all the crypto-keys | Full PGP interoperability.
  • Requires no third-party (add-on/plugin...) and therefore gives you complete control of your privacy with-in a single platform - which is the biggest landmark that we've achieved.
  • Full efforts at transparency (maintains an up-to date warrant canary) | locally hosted in Brussels-Belgium.
Needless to say - mailfence holds a significant amount of "uniqueness", not only with its in-house services but from tons other main-stream solutions as well.
Moreover, as I mentioned earlier - we donate 15% of "Pro" subscription revenue to dedicated associations (Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation) that globally defend the rights of user privacy on every possible level - which further aligns our values and goals towards online privacy.
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