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Runbox doesn't have a good track track record for keeping schedule with new developed features... or they're over-eager to release optimistic dates that they often miss... however, in their defense, what they release is typically very solid and reliable, and sometimes even great. Their 2FA took forever to release, for example, but it's a pretty neat implementation, with some outstanding features, worth the wait IMO.

Hope they learn how to develop at a faster pace, but not at the expense of quality. I'd rather have them err on the side of a fastidious quest for perfection than release something early, especially with something mission-critical like email. I'd also rather have them develop something original for their webmail client in-house rather than build off an open-source product. They obviously have access to the source code of the open source clients out there, so they can refer to them for ideas, but I don't want them to fall into the trap of just using an open source client and customize too much, then be stuck with security issues causing a mess of a fork. That would be more costly IMO. And those services are a dime a dozen that offer open-source clients. Runbox, to me, is different/boutique/special -- one of the last special email providers IMO, they need/deserve something totally unique, keep it in-house and control the source code. My two bits.
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