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I haven't seen any such problems. But the sign-in page has been for three years. If you try your browser should redirect you to, which shows things down a bit.

The problem might be corrupted cookies, corrupted saved login credentials, or an add-on in your browser. You might try these steps:
  • While logged into your Fastmail account, go to Settings>Passwords & Security.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page and examine the Logged in Sessions list. This shows the browser name and version (or FastMail App on a mobile device, the operating system version, the last IP address of the device logging in, and the date of the all sessions still active. At this time, the latest released version of Firefox on Windows 10 64-bit shows up as "Firefox 57 on Windows 64".
  • My active (logged in) sessions all show "Expires after 30 day inactivity". What do you see?
  • You can log out of sessions if you first enter your master password at the top of that page. You might try logging out of all sessions shown (start with the oldest one at the bottom), then clear all saved login credentials in the browser, then clear all Fastmail related cookies in the browser. You might then reboot the PC, start the browser, and check that the browser is updated to the latest version. Then go to and log in with your full email address and master password (with the Keep me logged in box enabled).
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