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Originally Posted by n5bb View Post
I donít see your problem with my three Fastmail accounts, so it doesnít appear to be a system-wide issue. Is the shortcut you are using to (old address which only redirects now) or Are you using Firefox Private Browsing?

The next time you need to bring up Fastmail, just type in the URL bar on a regular (not private) Firefox window. Be sure that auto-complete doesnít add some incorrect parameters at the end of the URL. See if that reliably works. Since your issue is erratic Iím guessing this has something to do with private Firefox windows or the actual URL you are using. Or something is removing or corrupting your Fastmail cookies.

I use Firefox and Windows 10 (or my iPad with Safari) in a similar fashion to what you describe. It just works, and I would be annoyed as you are if it stopped working reliably. Let us know what you find. I will let you know if I see this problem appear on my accounts.

{By the way, are you in NW PA covered up with snow? My brother and his wife are visiting her family in State College PA this week, and I think the big snowfall was all to the northwest of them.}

The shortcut is I don't use private browsing with Fastmail.

Thanks for your advice. I'll check the web address in the URL bar and advise you if anything unusual turns up there.

I'm quite thankfully "down state" along PA's southern border about 30 miles east of the State Capitol.
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