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Legacy Full account

In mid-December 2017 I had a feeling my FM subscription was due for renewal so I checked the Billing and Plan section of my FM email account. I discovered my account is due for renewal in early Feb 2018. And there was the small surprise in my account being credited $15.

My requirements for email are quite modest and over a number of years (it's been 15y already, well I never!) the service level of the Full account has served me well. The deal I currently receive is good value, and there is sufficient storage for email messages and files, not to mention the quality of the backend stuff I don't have to think about that the wizards at FM provide in making and providing this wonderful service. It was a little bit disappointing when Calendar support to devices and services outside my FM account was withdrawn from Full accounts, but it wasn't the end of the world.

I read on this forum that the Member account level created long ago has been discontinued, and I presume the $15 credit to my account is a payment to mollify subscribers aggrieved by its disappearance. This action led me to wonder if the legacy Full subscription level was being grandfathered for imminent closure, and if I should consider changing to the currently offered Basic service level.

Is the Full subscription level headed for the chopping block?

Regarding the Basic service, I note on FM's pricing page that payment is either $3 a month or $30 a year. The Full service offered substantial discounts if multiple years are paid in advance.

Is there any additional discount of this type for the Basic service?
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