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Originally Posted by caulfield87 View Post
today i have decided to no longer stick to a provider who's webmail is like it's from 1999, and STILL doesn't offer a calendar.
In general, I don't mind the current interface other than some features are a little clunky to use, ie searching. Most everything else is tolerable since Geir did the facelift some time ago (Rubox Aero). I am not sure if it was officially announced but on this forum, it was posted that the closed beta had begun and they were off and running and that everyone who requested would not necessarily participate. This issue could have been resolved with better communication on the forum, twitter, facebook, etc.

I am with you on the calendar complaint. The CalDav implementation without a web-based calendar is a complete disappointment. I know of no other provider (maybe in history) that has ever implemented a calendar system in this manner. And, if you are hoping for a web-based calendar don't hold your breath because they have made it clear it isn't coming anytime soon.

Now, with that complaint out of the way, I have always been happy with Runbox and have no intention of leaving their service. When the beta makes it to me I will be thankful or if I have to wait until it is released that's fine too.
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