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Webmail UI bugs

I've already made a formal report to Fastmail support. This is for others who may be experiencing the same problems I am.

This is for Safari 8.0.5 on OS X 10.10.3.

The Folders pane to the left of the mail reading pane used to be persistent. You could switch folders or compose emails and it would stay. I just logged out and logged back in today and now the Folders pane always disappears when you select a different folder or compose an email. That means you have to keep selecting the right arrow (at the upper left corner) every time you want to see the folder list or select a new folder. That's exactly what the mobile app does btw. This also causes the Compose button, which is in the upper right corner, to move off the right edge of the window when the Folders pane appears on the left, so you can't compose new emails in webmail without first making the Folders pane go away. It used to be that when the Folders pane is active a Compose button appears on the left just above the Folders list.

Webmail keeps forgetting the sort order I last selected for Inbox and reverts to "newest first" after some unknown trigger.

The Settings panels look strangely 1998 in style and things don't line up nicely vertically and horizontally like they used to. It's plain ugly like the CSS is busted.
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