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Originally Posted by xyzzy View Post
Not sure what that means? Email you send doesn't go through your sieve script.
Ok, thank you. I understand that emails sent by me doesn't go through your sieve script, but, is there any other method to stop this kind of email from being sent?

Originally Posted by xyzzy View Post
Second, if you are only accepting incoming mail to your domain ( in your example) then the first test on your domain should be sufficient:
I should accept email from my domain and subdomains, like [email protected] and [email protected] (and I am trying to avoid listing all the subdomains as I don't want to need to remember the filter if I create any other domain in the future).


I found this useful tool and my problem was that I forgot to require the regex module.

So, the filter for incoming emails is working now. Now I only need to filter the outgoing emails. Any idea of where to start?

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