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Originally Posted by kennio View Post
So, the part of blocking incoming emails is done, now I need to block outgoing emails. I was investigating a looks like this is possible with Postfix. But I am new to email servers and I don't know how to configure it.

I also posted the question at Server Fault to see if we can find a solution together.
Postfix is a mail MTA (mail transfer agent) to allow sending and receiving email through it. And you need to interface it through some appropriate UI (like your command line terminal). You probably could configure it to "reject" all but a specific domain (there's lots of config setting but I don't know if there's one for that). But if you go that far to send mail through postfix you might as will just forget about Fastmail and use it for receiving as well (again appropriately configured).

Bottom line, postifx (sendmail is another if I recall) has absolutely nothing to do with Fastmail so it isn't going to help you if you want to continue to use only Fastmail. Fastmail always sends out what you send be it a valid destination or not.

I found this useful tool and my problem was that I forgot to require the regex module.
Yes, it's your responsibility to add all the appropriate extension requires when using Sieve Tester.
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