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Originally Posted by jeffpan View Post
The comparison is IM (wechat, snapchat, whatsapp, telegram) and SNS (facebook etc).
Sure most people have more then 1 email account...but thing is they dont use it.

Especialy young people (lets say under 30) PREFER to use IM like WA,Telegram or whatever messenger it is they use. I realy have a hard time if i send an email to younger people...they seldomly answer..!! Or ask me to send an IM..! So that says it all I think.

What I said before and keep saying is that most people do NOT use email anymore as a daily communication...except maybe work related...and even that is changing!! In many companies more and more whatsapp/Telegram channels are very common even in Hospitals and city councils. Email is loosing ground thats obvious.

In Germany (were i also lived nearly 5 years) even plain old snailmail letters (or fax) are prefered above emails!! This is NOT a joke.

Email more and more is for older people...lets say above 50.If you want to reach younger people you gottta do it with whatsapp/Telegram or any other IM system. Email is NOT the way to go.

my 2 cents.

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