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Thumbs up The Running Mailbox!

I started the thread to know just a bit about the future pricing but couldn't reply in timely manner to participate in discussion. I am happy++ to find such great replies, particularly a confident relation between a service provider and its vast number of users.

I'll +1 and quote Orchard here to sum up my thoughts. This week I'll still be stuck in a corporate manhole, though.

Runbox is highly relevant in my online world, across my entire business (several clients), and I look forward to using them for many years to come, possibly to the end of my career if they keep up the great work they are doing!
Runbox is very important for me and my family. Everyone working at/with Runbox just saved my digital home last year. I do not blame my x-provider (FastMail). They just did what suited the best to their business.

Cheers Runbox, Keep Running!

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