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The "e" in e-mail
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Confirmed Reproducible.

It's been assigned to Rob M

Initially reported (twice) as not reproducible, but then I got this last Sunday from Nick :
An update, I can now reproduce the issue (it seems it didn't reproduce on our beta server, which is where we do a lot of our testing). We will investigate further as to what's causing it.
(that was after getting this:

Hi Matthew,

We've followed your 10 step process exactly, and also tried with just the draft email you left in your forwebmaster folder. We have unfortunately been unable to reproduce the issue in all cases.

Can you give us any further information that might help us track this down? Just to confirm, you only ever see the issue if you save a draft and then come back to it, not if you just reply and then immediately send? Is it only for replies, or for new messages as well? Does the issue reproduce in a different browser?
I Hope Rob squashes it soon. Sure seems to be a subtle issue. If anyone can, it's Rob!
Credit in an ensuing blog post would be nice too.
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