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If TB and/or Outlook have configurable levels of logging, turn it on, at a high level of detail and try just to grab the relevant attachment (ie keep other stuff out of the detailed logs if possible). Are the logs showing any kinds of error? - this may be useless because for all I know, if eg TB makes multiple requests for something it might not log that.

You said that Inbox say they don't throttle. But did you ask them that (which is perhaps too vague) or did you ask them specifically why your attachment downloads are slow via TB/Outlook and fast in their webmail system?

Ask them if the servers are in the same place.

Ask them if their webmail system is in some way optimised compared with their public-facing IMAP server. It may be that the webmail system runs on the speediest machines with the best internet access, and the IMAP server - which maybe they expect fewer people to use - is older & slower, or mis-configured, or swamped with users. Unless they can shed light on this I don't see what progress you'll make.
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