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There was a draft, but when I sent the email, I deleted the draft. Then I got a mailer deamon. So I went to "sent" to retrieve it, and impossibly, I sent that one to "archive," where I went next. It hasn't been a good day on the ol' PC. But all of this is on me and my arthritic fingers that won't go where I send them. While in "archive, I finally deleted it, not on purpose. "Trash" still doesn have it.

I was not using the app; I was on my PC, Windows 10. I wasn't using a third party. I'm an FM loyalist; I just do dumb stuff.

It's late where I am, so I had to get the email out. It was not as detailed as the original, needless to say. I'd still like to know the hang time for a deleted message to land in "trash," however, if anyone knows.
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