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My turn to vent about the new UI changes....

I hadn't visited the beta for quite some time and initially didn't notice too much change so I went back to the non-beta. I don't know if it's just a coincidence but did the most recent beta now become the non-beta standard? It appears to me everything assumes a more narrow display: the UI font is smaller, the preferences now use smartphone (iPhone) off/on sliders, preference lists like "Display the following extra headers when reading messages" are spread out vertically, and for me, worst of all, the Sieve script display is much narrower.

Some of these changes may look ok on a little iPhone screen (although even there I don't know why the folder list need to be so spread out vertically) but on my 27" monitor it looks like crap with a lot of wasted white space on the right.

It's that last one that really pi$$es me off. I comment my code. Like anything I code I comment a lot. When the UI changed (last year?) the Sieve code got wider so it didn't impact my formatting. I just kept everything since based on the old more narrow width. Now it's even more narrow than the original and all my comment blocks are now misformatted due to line wrapping.

I don't remember at the moment which thread it was here about not using Sieve due to possible impact on the code due to FM changes. I replied I wasn't too worried. But I didn't take into account FM screwing up my formatting. I'm anal about such things.

I guess this post is a rehearsal for me sending in a ticket telling them what I thing of their new UI. Not that it's going to change anything.
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