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Using new iOS version to send screenshots

I just installed the latest iOS version of the FM app, and tried to use the new feature that lets one use the FM app to send photos, etc. from an iPhone.

I took a screenshot, and when the screenshot was presented to me, I clicked the share icon and then the FM icon. FM attached a file with a really long name with the extension .dms. That file was not readable when I downloaded it from the FM server.

If did the same thing with the built in Apple Mail app on the iPhone, the attachment had a name of the form img_0234.jpg, which is what I would expect and the image was viewable.

I then tried to take a screenshot, let it save to my Photos app, and shared it from there via the FM iOS app. That worked, although the file name was Image-1.jpg rather than the actual name that iOS gives in the Photos app.

So, it doesn't appear that FM can handle iOS screenshots before they are saved to Photos.
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