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I would personally get over Superhuman any day of the week, but Superhuman gives users some cool power-user workflows. Now they support Outlook as well (used to be just Gmail).

The target market can definitely afford it, includes social networking-oriented, productivity-oriented, workflow-oriented, high intensity business kinds of customers that buy productivity services like Omnifocus, use GTD method, etc., those kinds of users, and so forth... it's more than just that, but those kinds of people will be attracted to it since it has some great social network insight info and tools integrated into your workflow, gives you the minimalist but boutique kind of experience that's been finely tuned for focusing on task or interaction at hand, very useful for customer/client management, sales, executive, marketing kinds of people. So for them, if they save some time during the day and have more insights into their customers/clients/employees/associates, then it's easily worth $30 per month.

But for a fresh workflow, I'd still steer towards IMO, which gives you a workflow that covers some similar concepts, appeals to an overlap segment of the market, and I have no doubt will be adding some more similar features like Superhuman over time, there's more overlap between them IMO than with other providers out there.

If there was a privacy-oriented version of Superhuman, I'd be interested. As it is now, you are relying on Gmail or Outlook as the underlying platform, and then of course Superhuman's own system that sucks in huge amounts of information about you -- all things I'm not interested in ever trusting my personal data and contacts with. But if there was a Protonmail-equivalent of Superhuman, I'd probably sign up. The workflows are potentially big time-savers.

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