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P.S. I forgot to mention the "vs. Fastmail" angle, lol. (I forgot the title of this thread and what subforum it was posted in).

As for Fastmail vs Superhuman, there is a small overlap in the Venn diagram of providers between them, but it's very small IMO. If you are very productivity-oriented and a long-time user of Fastmail, you'll know that Fastmail has been adding productivity features more and more in recent years, like snooze, undo, a side panel with insight on your contacts, etc... so Fastmail has definitely been improving in terms of those kinds of features. And if that's what you love about Fastmail, then Superhuman might be for you.

However, this evolution at Fastmail is a far cry from "rethinking" email, which is what IMO and Superhuman are trying to do, to varying degrees of success, and to varying degrees of appeal to different market segments.

So I don't think there is a super-useful comparison matrix between FM and Superhuman, they're fundamentally different kinds of products for different people. In fact, FM might be on the other end of the Venn diagram since it has so many legacy/traditional features and can be set up and tweaked to different workflows, not to mention all the extra stuff you can do with aliases, domains, files, simple file hosting, etc... really very different products overall.

The more apt comparison would be between Superhuman and, as I mentioned in my previous post.

Anyway, just my take on this.

I'm more of a privacy-oriented kind of user but I wish I could have all the great productivity features too.

As a concept, I'd say Superhuman shows one track where email is evolving IMO. is another "fresh" take on email workflows, showing another track of rethinking and evolving email. And Fastmail is sort of like a workhorse provider with more "traditional" features under the hood, BUT they have also invested in workflow features in recent years, and yet they're still basically a more traditional/workhorse provider.
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