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Lightbulb My 2 cents

Fastmail is the only service that you need to consider.

I am one of those people that has changed my email address way too many times. I am always looking for the feature set that did not exist - at least I did not think it existed before I found Fastmail.

I work on many computers, both at home and at work, so a web based email package made sense. Unfortunately, there are times that you need/want the power of a desktop email package and POP is not a good solutions if you use multiple computers.

For a while I tried the old backup and then restore the mail files of various email packages, but that is tedious and error prone.

IMAP is the only way to go. Then you have all of the strengths of web based email (primarily availability) with the ability to use a full-fledged email program when you need additional power.

I have also found the community here to be very helpful and the company behind Fastmail seems dedicated to making this service the best.


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