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I would like to mention what I love most about Fastmail. It is something I have never before seen in either a free or pay-based e-mail service, and it really is ingenious. It is the simple, square, humble "Bounce" button. All I have to do when I get a spam is open it once and click "Bounce", and it is as if my e-mail address did not exist. It is just like those devices one sees on the television that you plug into your phone, and when a computer-dialled telemarketing call comes in, the device sends a "number disconnected" signal to the computer, and you are taken off the telemarketers' lists. It is just like this, but It does not cost $49.99 plus Shipping and that mysterious, very expensive process called Handling. The "Bounce" feature is really a very simple idea, but one that is certainly unique. I cannot imagine e-mailing without It. You must all see the greatness of Him, the Great "Bounce" Button. This is not to diminish the other myriad great features of Fastmail, such as the multiple signatures and "From" addresses or the many beautiful styles, or even that helpful message: "Welcome Brandon Siegel! It is almost Oh-Dark-Thirty and what the heck are you doing checking your e-mail at this hour?", which has helped me realise perhaps caffeine is not a _direct_ substitute for sleep. But the glory of the "Bounce" button is one of the best features anywhere! Thanks Rob and Jeremy, and all the rest of the FastMail staff (if there is such a thing).

P.S.: Almost forgot one thing... This e-mail service is so fast! (hence FastMail). I love that too!

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