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Exactus wrote:
The world is moving to email on mobiles. FM needs to invest some time and money in getting a solid, easy-to-install application for mobiles. I want to use a FM solution, not Google's.

Yes, I agree. I don't use the Android app for business but do depend on it daily. I've tried many of the more popular email apps in the play store and although many offer an up-to-date user interface, they fall short in other areas. E.g.:

User Interface
-- Combining social media features in the main UI
-- Automatically sorting and/or storing social and promotional messages

-- Storing email content on their servers or leased storage such as Amazon Web Services
-- In some cases email and contacts are scanned for analyzing various shopping trends or other marketing purposes

I'm looking for a solid app that offers the same basic functionality, keeps up to date with the relevant Android features and UI and has dedicated support so that bugs can be addressed in a timely fashion.

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