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I had a huge trip down memory lane when in one of the pubs I frequent, I noticed a new videogame console. Man, the memories...

They had Street Fighter II (it was like +20 years ago I last played it ; this version allowed to use Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M.Bison, and had added characters not existing in the SNES version such as Dee Jay, Cammy, ...)

They had Mortal Kombat (never liked that one that much, but simply because of nostalgia I enjoyed it)

They had PacMan (that game never ever gets old )

They even had a football (soccer I mean) game from the early 90s with graphics as if it were really still 1990. Also, you could select to play with team USSR or West Germany, countries and national soccer teams not even in existance anymore (well, the unified Germany team is in fact considered to be the legal continuation of West Germany according to the international soccer federation FIFA).

They had some platform games too, although no Super Mario but they did have Donkey Kong and I think I recognised Sonic the Hedgehog...

Oh how time flies. This was a massive saudade to play those games again I used to play as a child and early teenager Such a pity Super Mario Kart wasn't amongst the options (I adore that one!) and pity that the joystick and buttons on a gaming machine are totally different from the ones on the NES and SNES. That means you have to insert multiple coins just to get used to which buttons to press and play for longer than 3 minutes before being "game over".

But still, this was awesome! Nostalgia to full extent!
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