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Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
... I opened a few days ago an account at Runbox. Qua web interfacing, etc. they are far behind FastMail, but they have proven themselves enough over the years to trust them.
I agree they have proven themselves and personally they have earned my trust. But I just always wonder if the sky will fall on them. I don't know why I feel that way... maybe because they seem very SLOW at implementing new features, and I feel like they are constantly on the verge of becoming obsolete... only to surprise me with a great implementation of some important feature... like 2FA, with which they were late to the game, but it works great and is actually pretty deep... and you can check out their new webmail beta, which is starting to come together nicely, after what seems like forever. So I guess I shouldn't be skeptical or nervous about them... they have survived when many other providers have bitten the dust and they keep marching along like an old Energizer Bunny commercial.

BTW, Runbox customer service is excellent, very personal, very competent. Not quite to the level of Luxsci (which is the gold standard IMO), but still much better than FastMail. The folks at Runbox are very nice and have a good philosophy and direction IMO, so I plan to stick with them for at least one of my accounts. Just not sure I want to move tons of email over to them yet! :-)

And don't get me wrong, FastMail is still good... minus the jurisdiction issues... After the Opera adventure, they really settled into a decent groove. I just don't think I can stomach dealing with this whole Australia insanity and Five Eyes mess much more.

Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
[Nostalgia /on] And frankly they remind me the most of the earlier years of FM when they were not that big yet [Nostalgia /off].
Very true. The other day I felt strangely, really good in Runbox 6, which felt like good ol' email used to feel. Usually I find it limiting but tolerable, but there was something zen-like about it. Plus it just works.
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