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The "e" in e-mail
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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
Have you considered ProtonMail?

They are quite popular now, and you could impress your potential new employer with your e-mail savviness..
Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
Not sure that is the case here in the USA where Protonmail addresses are looked at a bit suspiciously, if the person reading it even knows what it means.
1) Is it clear that the OP wants an address for job applications, and not for his/her own business? My reading is the latter, but of course I may be wrong.
2) Protonmail may impress internet geeks, but nobody else. I asked a few friends of mine (reasonably competent internet users, but working in various non-IT fields) about it, and the response was decisively blank in all cases. This was in Europe, may be in the USA Protonmail is a household name....
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