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Originally Posted by JeremyNicoll View Post
Does the process ask for confirmation when a delete will affect nothing else? (That would seem to be fair enough
When you attempt the delete I get a (browser generated, I use Firefox) dialog that says:

Permanently delete this folder, all subfolders, and all the messages they contain? This cannot be undone.
It will omit the "all subfolders," if deleting a single folder and It will also tell you how many messages are being deleted in the folder you are operating upon but doesn't tell you about the number of messages in the subfolder(s).

How about if mails/subfolders will be affected? I HOPE there's a confirm.
That dialog gives you a chance to cancel or accept. As I think I said before deleting a parent folder deletes all its subfolders.

Note, it's simple enough to test this out yourself like I did. Simply create two folders, "outer" with no parent and "inner" with "outer" being "inner"s parent. Toss a unneeded message in each (say from the trash or whatever) and play around.
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