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I have many and use few. Hmm

I guess the correct answer would be I ahve too many to rember and too many to admit out of embarrassment and only actually use very few.

I guess I counted in the other thread but don't remember.

In actual use maybe 5 or ten depending how you set criteria for in actual usage.

I have 5 ISP accounts and use three of them now.

I use gmail and yahoo and have been using others like Hotpop but are trying to end my hotpop. I don' like their policy of deleting emails over 30 days.

I am going to our biggest town on holiday/vacation summer trip 2005 and will be there for as logn I managed to pay. So what fi I have no way of logging in. They delet them two month b4 I ahve a chabce fo reading them. So I will end my relation with them.

So maybe 5 is a realistic figure out of some 30 or 50 signed up usernames or differeing services the gone by now. suredid most likely. emailacc even fails?

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