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Originally Posted by CyberSmurf View Post
When you select "Archive" in GMail what it does is remove the message from the Inbox.

To find an orphaned email you can use the search filter ...
Thanks; works. I don't use the web mail much (that is quite an understatement). I have been playing around with it a bit now. It looks like all off my All Mail messages are "nouserlabels" and those are from sent emails from my email client. In my POP3 setting I have "delete Gmail's copy" set. For the last couple days I set it to archive Gmail's copy", so now All Mail includes those messages that were POP'd.

I also put labels on a few messages and noted the the label is displayed in All Mail. It also looks like messages that in in Categories do not show with a label. I tossed a few in there too.
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