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Originally Posted by evilquoll View Post
Assuming you're still there.

Could we please have this forum updated to something more modern, such as XenForo (example forum here)? Not only does vBulletin have far fewer features (on the other forum, if I'm logged into it, I get immediately notified whenever anyone likes or replies to one of my posts, or mentions my username, provided they remember to use the @ before it), because of its age it has unpatched vulnerabilities. It's a miracle some cracker or script kiddie hasn't taken down this forum by now.
IMHO it's rather demeaning, asking Edwin for improvements, etc. to this forum - I wouldn't put myself in that position.

IMHO (again) he's either lost interest in the forum, he gets some pleasure in deigning to occasionally post to the tune of "it's my forum and I'll do what I want with it", or more likely both.
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