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Twitter questions

After a long hesitating I decided that I am going to create a Twitter account. Before acting on a spur-of-the-moment decision, I got some questions which I hope I can get some advice on

1) I am doubting a bit about the name I would pick. My real name isn't really the best option because non-Dutch speakers generally struggle with remembering it, and spelling it correctly. If I want to pass my Twitter username while in a place with no pen and paper near, this can lead to problems. I already experience when people ask my name, that non-Dutch speakers usually misunderstand and misspell it. So I don't think using my actual name is the best option.

I could use just my first name and initials of my surname (my surname is the part of my name that foreigners usually struggle with) or I could come up with a nickname, but then doesn't that come across badly when you're trying to promote your artistic creations via Twitter? If I then pick a random nickname, couldn't this reduce my chance of promoting my work and succesful networking?

I also thought of something like "thisis..." or "...speaks" where my first name would be at the place of the three dots. This seems professional enough although I would like to avoid people announcing me with that exact Twitter name before starting a performance ...

Finally, I generally use a pseudonym in Hebrew, and many of my friends call me that. I thought of combining the Hebrew pseudonym with my actual real first name. That was actually my initial choice. However, given the fact I also wish to network with the Arab world, I am unsure if this is a wise idea (as far as the average person would realise the pseudonym part is Hebrew -- and even if, Hebrew is a language and not a political statement)

Anyways, is a Twitter name best to be somewhat official? Or doesn't it really matter that much as most people who want to stay updated would "follow" me, and announcements on my creative work could be re-tweeted by others rather than writing "New article/performance by ... next week"

2) can a Twitter account name be changed if I'd get a better idea later on, or are you stuck to your Twitter username forever once you register? (if it can be changed later on, question #1 becomes less important)

3) does Twitter allow to create 2 different Twitter accounts and usernames?
Reason for asking: I am active in the artistic field both as writer, photographer and performing artist. For the latter, my performances go under the name of my artistic project. For regular articles and photography, I use my actual name. Also, the performances are of a totally different subject matter than the articles and photography ; hence I'd like to keep the two a bit seperated. I have seperate websites for both ; it would, if allowed, also make sense to have two Twitter accounts (one for the performances where the name of the artistic project would be used, and one for the photography and other stuff where I would either use my actual name or a recommended variant -- see question #1)

Thanks for advices
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