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Lightbulb NEW TWEAKS REQUEST TO "Gsptlsnz"!!

Originally Posted by Gsptlsnz View Post
Be aware they're already making changes to their base code that are negating some of my tweaks!

Expect more of this chicanery...
on another note.. I just though of a few new tweaks I wouldn't mind seeing
if you could "create" them...

for the root system folders like
- Inbox
- Sent
- Drafts
- Trash
for "Archive" I hide it since I don't use it, as I have an "extensive"
folder system I use to sort mail into.. and "SPAM" I hide it UNLESS there is new mail which I promptly ANNIHILATE!!

for the above 4 mentioned system folders..
- different Colors whether it be the text or the background

and a single divider [hr] line after Trash! to make it a little more clear separation from the root system folder to my custom folders..
in what ever color and thickness I want..

In my case I would go with "green" or "blue" as those are my favorite colors and a thickness of 2pixels or 3pixels...

lol please and thanks!
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