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Originally Posted by SideshowBob View Post
That's not really fair. The large free email providers have implemented, or are about to implement, ARC (Authenticated Received Chain) which aims to fix the the forwarding problem.

I think you are overstating the current problem, the reality is that experiences range from unreliable to just fine.
Hopefully providers who struggle with this will let their customers know, the next time one of their emails to a family member gets rejected because someone's forwarder caused an IP to be rate limited, that you said it was working fine. I'm certain that will alleviate their concern and the mail provider won't lose a customer over it. I'll certainly send the next customer of mine who complains about the filtering I have to do, for forwarding to work with any consistency, to you and let you tell them that they're imagining problems.

In this thread: People who think "because it works for me" is any relevant indication of what happens at scale.
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