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I've been testing it for a while and it has just about everything I want in an email provider.

I also have been on posteo, and I find it a little bit smoother, and overall I prefer it slightly. In part because I don't need the documents functionality and posteo's webmail interface seems a little "tighter" to my taste. I also prefer how they encrypt the Inbox with the password, instead of needing the PGP public key. Though less secure, it is more seamless and easier to use, which suits my requirements better.

However neither do dkim, which I wish was possible, especially with able to host my domain. They'll only do dkim for a business account.

Also, I have encountered one glitch with Sometimes when navigating to the Settings -> page, the normal settings pane does not open, but rather a login window appears in the frame. In German. I wrote to support about it, and they told me to disable noscript and other addons, log out and back in again. I did that, but the error still occurs sporadically. And when the regular page is working, it works with all my plug ins enabled. I tried from 3 different computers and 3 different browsers. Seems that something is happening on their end inconsistently.

Overall is a great service from what I can see.

Edit: Regarding the glitch mentioned above, after a short exchange of emails, mailbox support (very responsive throughout) replied that they tracked down the cause of this (a new db back end for some users) and fixed it. I have not seen this bug since then.

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