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Similar to many users of this forum, I had been looking for a while for a decent replacement to Fastmail (of which I ve been one of the first users initially in fact)...In a post-Lavabit world obviously security and privacy matter a lot. Taking many angles into consideration, I have similarly ended up with Posteo and, and , quite frankly, cannot decide for myself, which one is ultimately the best.
I read the comments above and Mailbox s handling of spam bothers me a bit, as rejecting all might result in some false-positives.. Other than that, slight difference in handling own domains doesn't bother much, and cloud storage at Mailbox isnt a swinging factor for me, as I use my own storage, and have several setups for specific purposes.
I use mostly email clients, both on computer and mobile, those latter being non-Android devices. Sync and seamless push integration would have been valid points for me to consider. How do Posteo and Mailbox handle mobile integration then?
Would more users of Posteo and kindly share their experiences with either services about any whatever insignificant aspect of their everyday use, please?
Would much appreciate that!
Still kind of undecided about the two. Would love to start a new thread with appropriately named Posteo vs Mailbox title, but actually thought this existing thread already touches both, so we might just as well continue here...
thanks again for all your thoughts and comments
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