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feature request: smart up/down direction when deleting mails

A feature request, applicable when I use the Android fastmail app

When going through and cleaning up mails in a folder, I sometimes start not at the top (=most recent mail), but rather somewhere in the middle of my list (e.g. just above the last mail I have already read). I then quickly read an email and decide to delete it or not (or move it somewhere). The next mail displayed is then always the older one, rather than a more recent one. I then have to click the "up arrow". After when the scenario repeats itself...

When deleting/moving an email, the next messageto be displayed should follow the last direction indicated by the user that has pressed the up or down button (relatively). If no up or down button has been pressed yet, the default could be either (a) down, or (b) remembered from last session.
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