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Originally Posted by gardenweed View Post
What are your/peoples thoughts on the current best alternative email providers given the implication of these changes in Australian law?
Originally Posted by ioneja View Post
3) Privacy by jurisdiction -- I might move more mail over to services located in jurisdictions that have far superior laws. Right now I already have an account at Runbox, which has a better jurisdiction than FastMail by far, and I've also been looking at ProtonMail as an option, and a while ago I was looking at what is now called Kolab Now. The problem with these kinds of providers is that by default their servers are associated with the perception that their services are for people who specifically seek privacy, and that carries its own marker TBH. You're basically advertising that you want privacy when you use those services. Runbox to a lesser extend BTW, since it existed prior to the whole privacy mess we live in now. My main problem with Runbox, though, is that I can never escape the feeling that they are going to disappear on me... or get crushed by some attack or philosophical change in the legal winds that blow in Norway, although they keep hanging in there. Who knows? Runbox is the little provider that keeps going and going... and the folks there are really nice, and I like what they are trying to do.
Good post! With my good intentions for 2019 regarding security, privacy and sustainability, I opened a few days ago an account at Runbox. Qua web interfacing, etc. they are far behind FastMail, but they have proven themselves enough over the years to trust them. [Nostalgia /on] And frankly they remind me the most of the earlier years of FM when they were not that big yet [Nostalgia /off].
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