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Originally Posted by Mailfence View Post
The inbox storage size had already been increased from 200MB to 500MB for free plans.
Excellent! I see the website has now been updated with the new quota.

File storage still shows 250MB? The next (paid) tier offers 12GB...

To enable secure user access to that key from multiple devices, and to provide ease-of-use.

Every OpenPGP keypair is generated on front-end, encrypted with user passphrase and then stored on the back-end (which has zero-knowledge of the actual key content).

Besides we provide full freedom, so users who won't prefer to place their (encrypted) keys on our servers - can perfectly keep them on their machines while using their mailfence account via IMAP/POP3/ActiveSync/SMTP (e.g., using thunderbird/enigmail etc.)
Thanks for that explanation.

As I've remarked previously, the Mailfence OpenPGP interoperability sets it apart from the alternatives. ProtonMail has been dragging their feet for over 2 years on interoperability, presumably having decided on a walled garden approach to user security. An affront to open standards and the ubiquitous adoption of end-to-end email security.

Is Mailfence considering Fido U2F as a 2FA option? A physical U2F key is much more secure than using a TOTP app (Google Authenticator) from the same device used to log in to the web site.
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