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Originally Posted by 17pm View Post
I've joined "the other service" for their webclient:
- It's beautiful: Pleasing on the eyes, dark theme (hopefully you'll offer a dark theme, it's a must nowadays);
- It has keyboard shortcuts: Whatever you do, your new webclient must have keyboard shortcuts;

please don't clutter the interface just for a selected few that like to have everything immediately noticeable, with huge buttons and easy to press with the mouse pointer.
1. I don't like dark themes. If I fancy a new look and a colour scheme, fashionable this summer and gone next year, I'll buy a new shirt and a matching tie.
2. The basic aim of a web interface is to have huge, functional and easy to press buttons. How many of them should be immediately visible is a matter of compromise, but I will vehemently object to a predominantly shortcut-driven web interface.
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