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Looking for a simple, cheap email provider. Read more inside!

Hey there. I am currently a fastmail user but I find them to be more expensive than what I can afford right now. As such, I am looking for an email provider with the following characteristics:

- Paid (I don't want a free provider);
- Cheap;
- Supports 2FA;
- App passwords (like fastmail has, for imap and all that);
- Non-USA based (preferably Europe);
- Supports using own domains;
- Supports many aliases (more than 50) (or catch-all);
- Supports IMAP (so no protonmail or tutanota or the likes);
- No google stuff in their webpage whatsoever;
- Small(ish) provider, privacy oriented;

None of the following fits me:
- Soverin (no 2fa for imap), tutanota, protonmail. mailbox, posteo, mxroute, fastmail, runbox, purelymail, iroute, migadu

Please let me know of more providers so I can check them..

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