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I agree with those who believe those complaining about the canceling of Member accounts are overreacting.

Fastmail's actions may not be totally cool, However, those affected, should they now want to switch away from Fastmail,without paying Fastmail another cent, have plenty of time to react.. Assuming they use a Basic account for a year (which will cost them nothing extra), they have over 18 months in which to inform their correspondents of their new email address. Alternatively, Bron has indicated Fastmail's willingness to reimburse $15.00 (for the original $12.95 or $14.95 subscriptions) in which case they have received about 8-15 years of email service for free and still have over 6 months to arrange their migration.

Meanwhile, the old Member service, while fine 15 years ago, is scarcely a viable service today. Yes, changing your email address is a bit of a pain, but with plenty of notice not a catastrophe.
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